Saturday, May 27, 2006


Notes from an observer

Former CIA and State Department official Larry Johnson: Friends who have recently returned from Iraq tell me that much of the disruption in the electricity and oil pipelines is actually caused by the Iraqis assigned to repair these systems. ... [A military friend of Johnson's says] "Through the scuttlebutt of my buddies in the community, a military intelligence unit alone hemorrhaged 27 out of 35 O-3's. The community is not large enough for losses like that..." ... The United States' ability to stay the course in Iraq is threatened by a fragile re-supply line, which runs from Kuwait north to Baghdad. This road runs through the heart of Shia-controlled territory. Everything we need to keep our Army fed and fueled comes up that road. We face a dilemma if we decide to attack the neighboring country of Iran... namely that the American army could be caught without resupply. But Our Dear Leader is a military genius whose word must not be challenged.
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