Thursday, May 11, 2006


NSA's Phone Snooping: Illegal AND Ineffectual

As noted at today, not only is this scummy and illegal, it's an utterly ineffectual (not to mention expensive and counterproductive) way of going after any actual bad guys. Illegal, ineffectual, counterproductive, and wildly expensive: That description could apply to pretty much everything about BushCo.

I am simply GLEEFUL to see the government wasting yet more of my tax money on something that is not just wrong but frightening in its scope.

After a lengthy investigation into who is on the NSA payroll that participated in this scheme, they should all be swiftly fired and the total of their salaries refunded to taxpayers who voted democrat in the 2004 elections. The rest are unworthy of such a refund and probably agree with the spying and snooping.
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