Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Odd lots

1. Headline exactly backward. Simon Tisdall of The Gruadnia has an article titled "Rice calls Iran's bluff." Only, of course, it's the US that has been threatening to bomb Iran while refusing to talk. As Tisdall says, "While hedged in with caveats and conditions, it represents a significant shift in the US position after a quarter of a century of undeclared warfare with Tehran's post-revolutionary leadership." You do not call a bluff by doing a 180. In this case, Iran will happily accept and then spend the entire term of the talks discussing why the US has been reneging on its commitment to permitting countries to develop nuclear energy. Wonder why the Gruadnia hired a headline writer from The New York Times. UPDATE: Bushco: "HaHa! We were just foolin'!" That's a paraphrase of a report by Tom Oliphant on Franken's show. Apparently Bushco delivered the same old ultimatum and cast it as a fresh new approach. Shame on Tisdall and the Nuargia for biting. Meanwhile: Missing link to Republican ancestors discovered
Maybe you should send the guy (and his editor/boss) the links you have on Iran.
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