Thursday, May 11, 2006


Opus Dei: Man on God sex.

"Social justice in Columbia? That's the work of the devil!" (image from en/2005/11/3367.shtml.) Rob Boston has an important piece on Opus Dei in Church and State (here and here). The Catholic Church is the single largest church in the United States, but was always beyond the reach of the "Christian" right because of the Protestant-Catholic divide. Opus Dei, which originated in fascist Spain and has penetrated the upper reaches of a number of governments, was a major tool the right used to take power in the Catholic Chuch. John Paul II legitimated Opus Dei, and the present Pope is a supporter, if not (as I would guess) a member. Yet, as a fascinating article by a Catholic priest, James Martin shows, their bylaws and catechism are completely secret. This is fishy in an instutution that tells its parishioners that only evil hates the light. The organization has assets of $2.8B, pretty good for a social club with 80,000 members worldwide ($40K/member), but even that understates the situation. Its members include people so wealthy and powerful they can raise as much money as needed quickly and secretly. They've penetrated the top reaches of Polish government. In the US, Justice Antonin Scalia, Judge Robert Bork, and senators Rick Santorum and Sam Brownback are believed to be members, as are the infamous Robert Novak and Louis Freeh. Not to mention Robert Hanssen, Soviet spy and good buddy of Louis Freeh. Three American agents are dead thanks to Opus Dei's secrecy. If you want to know more about the organization, the Opus Dei Awareness Network has more, including the Constitution and the Statutes. But the most important aspect of Opus Dei is captured by the Chilesur cartoon above. Opus Dei uses the Catholic Church as an instrument of injustice. As a Christian, I cannot be more offended.
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