Wednesday, May 24, 2006


School for Scandal

They "have a reputation for stealing, often from each other or from campus buildings. Society members reportedly call the practice 'crooking' and strive to outdo each others 'crooks.' And the club is also thought to use human remains in its rituals." In common with their other classmates, "'there was a racial consciousness and a sense of Anglo Saxon superiority.'" Image from Dartmouth collection I would never have believed it. The quote above is Kathrin Day Lassila and Mark Alden Branch, alumni both, writing in Yale Alumni magazine (May/June 2006) on Yale fraternities such as the one in which our Dear Leader partook. In particular, the magazine's former senior editor has a letter from Winter Mead (class of 1919) to F. Trubee Davidson (class of 1918) describing a particularly despicable act of grave robbery and by Charles C. Haffner (class of 1919)... in concert with Prescott Bush (class of 1917), who was the father of George H. W. Bush and the grandfather of George W. Bush. However, they were so clueless that it's highly unlikely that they actually took the bones of the Apache leader, Geronimo for their ungodly rituals. Stealing and abuse of the dead. What perfectly appropriate training for later life. Why people calling themselves "Christians" support these vampires is beyond me. And why Yale seems to be such a center of white (delusions of) supremacy and the covering up of the misdeeds of the sons of the powerful is beyond me. At any rate, it's now official. And kudos to the alumni magazine for taking on what can't be a very comfortable topic.
Level the stinking place to the ground.

I wonder where Prescott is buried. I know Poppy and Babs were denied a place in the Arundel cemetery here at one point. I don't think they have any reason to expect a grave robber's remains to rest in peace.
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