Saturday, May 13, 2006


Signs and Portents

Apparently Karl Rove was scheduled to make a speech soon at the American Enterprise Institute, but if he was, it's now disappeared from the Coming Events section at AEI’s website. Could it be that as of next week, Karl will be a mite too preoccupied with other things (such as trying to stay out of jail) to have time for the AEI? Oh, and speaking of keeping out of jail, check out what Gold Bars Luskin had to say to Jeralyn of TalkLeft. Hmmmm.

[MEC butts in] Alas, the announcement of the speech is still in the AEI site, just on a different page. It may have been moved from the original page because "Registration has been closed. Walk-in registration will not be accepted." Charles gently intercedes There is no conflict in these facts. According to Leopold, Fitzgerald gave Rove 24 business hours. AEI will have until Wednesday evening at the earliest before it has to pretend to be shocked by Karl's conduct. I'm sure they closed the event to make sure that no one would puncture the pretense.

Ahahahaha Business Hours.

What fucking plantet do you people live on?

Could it possibly have been 24 Venusian hours, therefore Rove has 243 days left?
And you are so confident of your opinion that you signed your name to the post.

Just so that if Rove is indicted, you will be honest, admit that you were wrong, and find just a trace of humility in your heart.

But any of those, of course, would truly be an extraplanetary experience.
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