Thursday, May 04, 2006



I've had to invoke Mr. Sinclair's name, and his most famous quote -- "It is difficult to get a man to understand a thing when his salary depends on his not understanding it" -- quite a bit recently. So, in the interests of saving time and typing, from now on, whenever I spot someone (such as Richard Cohen) having an Upton Sinclair Moment, I will merely say: "I'm calling 'Upton Sinclair' on that guy!"

And here I called the other Sinclair on Chuckie Grassley this morning. I'm beginning to think we're all becomming psychically connected on these blogs.

Great point, Pheonix Woman

I wonder if going back to upper case will lend me the gravitas that seems to be eluding me since my last spelling diatribe. I seem to have gotten cooties from it on some blogs.
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