Wednesday, May 17, 2006


We Have a Little List

US names all 759 Guantanamo Bay prisoners That's the headline in the Independent. The Independent should know better. How can we know it's a complete list?

how do we know what we know? and how do we know who we know? and if we don't who does?
Well, if Bob doesn't know what we don't know, then nobody knows.

1. The government has consistently lied about Guantanamo Bay, calling them "the worst of the worst." But in reality, many prisoners-- perhaps a majority-- have already been released as having had absolutely nothing to do with terrorism.

2. In the minds of rightwingers, the Guantanamo prisoners were warriors captured while gunning down American troops. Unfortunately for right-wingers, they're not just divorced from reality: they were never even going steady. Most prisoners at Guantanamo were not captured on the battlefield. They were ratted on by people looking to collect a bounty from the very rich and not-so-smart Americans.

3. In contravention of international law, the ICRC was denied access to the prisoners simply to determine the state of their health. After five years, we have no idea how many people have passed through Guantanamo.

4. We are expected to rely on the Pentagon, which lied to us about Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram, etc.

Only someone very, very stupid would do so.
What really bothers me is that we'll never know whether any of the inmates have died. They just leave the names off the list, and that's that.
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