Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Who Gets To Decide Who Is Crazy?

That's the Big Question being asked by Eric Black WRT Iran, Bush and nuclear ambitions. One thing that's been overlooked in the news coverage that most Americans see of this issue (evening TV news, etc.) is that the US has been poking a stick at Iran for several years now, both with rhetoric guaranteed to boost Iran's hard-liners (as their 2003 rhetoric did) and with actual American Special Ops troops inside Iran's borders. Bush's people are apparently trying to provoke the "crazy" response Bush needs to either justify a full-bore invasion or get the UN to pile on fresh sanctions, either of which Bush's people figure should help the GOP regain its "security party" reputation in time for the midterms. (A better way to do that would be to actually catch Osama bin Laden, but Bush and his PNAC Platoon buddies lost interest in him a long time ago.) If Bush and the PNAC Twins Cheney and Rumsfeld were really interested in dealing effectively with any nuclear-related issues in Iran, they would never have outed Valerie Plame and destroyed the intelligence network she ran -- which, as MSNBC's David Shuster tells us, was tasked with monitoring Iran's nuclear development. Ooops.

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