Monday, June 05, 2006


As If We Needed Any Further Proof That Stephen Harper Was Bush's Lapdog

Both pro- and anti-gay groups in Canada are wondering why in the world Stephen Harper, the newly-minted Conservative PM, is seeking to undo Canada's law legalizing gay marriage. It makes no sense to either side, and they're both raking the already-embattled Harper over the coals for it. But there's a way in which this makes sense. Consider that this is happening just as Bush is dusting off his own anti-gay-marriage/GOP get-out-the-Fundie-vote rhetoric. The existence of legalized gay marriage in Canada -- and the fact that it hasn't caused Canada to crumble to bits -- is a thorn in the American Fundies' side. And they have already threatened to avoid voting in November unless Bush and the GOP placated them somehow. (Considering the fact that the polling numbers for the Republicans for 2006 are looking uglier by the minute, they can't risk any defections from their base.) My guess is that Bush and/or the GOP have been giving Harper under-the-table assistance, assistance that helped Harper win a squeaker of an election. Now, just as Bush needs to do something to make the US Fundies and evangelicals happy -- and few things would work better at this time than a repeal of Canada's pro-gay-marriage law, especially if Bush let the Fundies know that he was the force behind this -- Canada's Stephen Harper suddenly, and in a wildly unpopular move that could bring down his already-shaky government, moves to try to repeal the pro-gay-marriage law. No way would Harper be doing this unless somebody more powerful than him was holding his feet to the fire. Remember, both sides are reaming him out over this. This only makes sense as a quid pro quo for Bush and the Republicans south of the border.

Someone did a really good job of documenting this already, at The excellent economics writer Linda McQuaig has also documented how the US right finances and coddles the Canadian right, which is why pro-Americanism is the default right-wing position in Canada.

They don't kid around, and they want everything, including passive governments in every country with exploitable resources, which is to say most of them. The only reason the US hasn't invaded us yet is because of NAFTA giving them nearly-unfettered access to our energy and natural resources.

Pierre Burton once said, "The Americans are our best friends, whether we like it or not," and I think it's time we got a new best friend -- and a new government. In the global village, who wants to hang out with the bully?
The thing is, previous presidents usually knew enough to not rub America's "superiority" in the faces of our "client states" -- at least, not 24/7.

Bush not only does this 24/7, but when he calls in a favor, he doesn't give a rat's ass about the effects it might have on the favor-granter. He could personally care less if this brings down Harper: The RNC's told him that they need some raw meat to feed the Fundies, and making it look like Canada's about to scrap gay rights works for him.

Loyalty is a one-way street with Bush: He sees himself as owed, but not owing, loyalty.
Thanks for the link, Interrobang.

Focus on the Family, Christian Coalition, NRA-- are these the only exports the US can sell anymore?
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