Thursday, June 01, 2006


Bobby Kennedy Jr: Election 2004 was stolen

Rolling Stone by way of Bradblog. Republicans prevented more than 350,000 voters in Ohio from casting ballots or having their votes counted -- enough to have put John Kerry in the White House.
oh, now you're a fan of the electoral college. otherwise, you'd still have about 3 million votes to find...
I'm a "fan" of the law, Kim.

Republicans are "fans" of breaking the law.

I live in Ohio. One major issue I have is the fact that political parties PAY people to go register voters, and then HELP them cast their ballots as absentee's.

When you get your ID, License or Plates/Stickers in Ohio, you can register to vote... that means it is really easy to do here... and if you don't have an ID or License... they are setup at every WalMart and mall each year.

As far as breaking the law, well, if there is true proof of wrongdoing, someone sue...
In fact, a lawsuit has been filed. Because one of the conspirators in the election theft is the Secretary of State and another beneficiary of the election theft is Judge Thomas Moyer, the following sequence of events occurred:

1. The suit, naming Bush and Moyer, was filed timely on December 13, 2004.
2. Instead of recusing himself, Moyer ruled on a case involving himself, a clear violation of ethics. He required that the suit be divided into two.
3. A suit narrowing the complaint to Bush was re-filed Dec. 17th
4. On 27th Dec., Kenneth Blackwell refused to be deposed. While most defendants would have been held in contempt of court, his co-conspirator Moyer was able to protect him from punishment.
5. On 29th Dec., Moyer further volated judicial ethics by making it clear he had pre-judged the matter.
6. On 12 Jan., seeing the total corruption of the system, the plaintiffs withdrew from the suit. However, the lead attorney Cliff Arnebeck re-filed.
7. On 18 Jan. 2005, in clear violation of ethics standards, Blackwell attempted to have the court fine those who had challenged the election, claiming the suit was meritless.
8. In May, 2005, Moyer elected not to impose a fine.

And so a corrupt judge and a corrupt Secretary of State, either of whom alone has committed crimes beyond what the infamous Mayor Daley ever did, prevented justice from being done.

But God is not mocked. The truth will emerge, and the criminals running the Ohio Republican Party will face punishment, in this life or on Judgment Day.
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