Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Boss Tweed didn't die. He retired to Orange County

Hat tip to Sukabi at Allspinzone and the whole fedora to BradBlog, which reported that: Race to Replace Randy 'Duke' Cunningham in San Diego Was Run on Hackable Diebold Voting Machines, Kept Unsecured at Poll Worker Houses Overnight Before the Election!... Poll workers in San Diego County had much more than just "a few seconds of physical access to the machines" when they stored the voting machines at their own homes on the night prior to yesterday's election!... The systems were "guarded" by little more than a thin strip of plastic "tamper tape" over some, but not all, of each machines' dozens of vulnerable physical access points. You know, I can't think of a single, legal reason why any poll worker would want to keep a voting machine at home. If Democrats had done this in Cook County, what would be the headline on the Washington Times the next day? Added: A comment at Bradblog signed Pam of Verified Voting says "Yes, sleepovers for voting machines. I was interviewed on our local news station about it prior to the election. The procedure is that certain pollworkers are assigned equipment to take home with them upon receiving their training. They then bring it to the polling place on election morning early, and set up. Depending when they have training the machines could be at their homes for more than a week or two. For this June primary, the DREs were essentially there just for disabled voters. There was no encouragement to use them. Again, what would the Washington Times be headlining if this had happened in Cook County?
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