Friday, June 09, 2006


BushCo And The Man-Eaters

Bush and his friends are rather like man-eating tigers. Healthy tigers normally avoid humans. We stink and our meat tastes bad. But, when a tiger gets old and can’t chase down better, faster game, it’s often tempted to go for the stinkier but easier two-legged kills. Bush and his associates aren’t competent at doing things the way they’re supposed to be done. They’re generally too lazy, too stupid, or too enfeebled by generations of old-money privilege that insulates and softens them up. So they cheat. All the time. After a while, they not only can’t do things right very well, they can’t do them at all. And they are forced to be ever-more-blatant in their cheating, law-breaking, and general corner-cutting in order to hold on to what power they have. Eventually, they get so enfeebled that they can’t even cheat effectively any more. Either they finally run into a judge that can’t be scared off or bought off, or an ally realizes it’s time to jump ship, or both. But no matter how much money they have to insulate themselves from the effects of their own actions, they do eventually fall. Hard.

The same thing that gives these people, psychopaths all, their evolutionary advantages also shackles them to failure.

They are are only half-human, and half-competent. And they are very predictable.

The real objects of their abuse are always themselves, and this they always eventually realize.

Bush will die at his own hand.
Are are. Sheesh.
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