Sunday, June 18, 2006


Cynthia McClinton

Remember how even when the Clintons won in the courts, the GOP/Media Complex kept spinning the situation to make it look as if the Clintons really hadn't been vindicated? "Questions still exist..." was a typical passively-voiced press extrusion of the time, even though a) the questions were bogus and b) the only people asking those questions were the members of the Republican Noise Machine and their willing tools. Now look at the extent to which the GOP/Media Complex is trying to discount the news that the charges against Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney have been dropped. No such discounting happened when it was Republican Congresscritters like Bob Barr who managed to escape punishment for similar charges. But that sort of discounting happened and still happens all the time with Democratic politicians like McKinney and Clinton.

She'll have to sue to shut them up. Clinton should have. Kerry should have. I know it's hard for a public figure to prevail, as Sidney Blumenthal found out, but until someone reduces a 'winger to waiting tables on a second job to pay his rent, they'll keep up this politics of lying.
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