Saturday, June 24, 2006


Decayed Glop Or RDX Explosives: Which Is More Dangerous A Weapon?

Steve Gilliard and Larry Johnson take turns smacking around Rick "Twenty-Six Percent" Santorum for his truly unhinged claims concerning "Iraqi WMD". I want to add something else: While Santorum has his undies in a bunch over twenty-five-year old glop that stopped being nerve gas twenty years ago, he doesn't seem to care about the fact that the invasion of Iraq forced the International Atomic Energy Commission to abandon its watch over the hundreds of tons of high explosives contained in various munitions depots across Iraq, and Rumsfeld couldn't be bothered to provide enough troops to secure these depots. One such depot, at Al QaQaa, was looted almost immediately after the IAEA's forced pullout. Remember, it only takes a pound or two of the stuff to pop open a tank.

Al QaQaa (presumably Arabic for "cockup") - further proof that the media is in the tank for Commander QaQaa, er, Cuckoo Bananas. That should have been huge, huge news.
Let's see.

There's "reasonable suspicion," by which a police officer can flag you down for weaving across various lanes.

There's "probable cause," by which a police officer can search your apartment.

There's "balance of probabilities," by which you can be sued.

There's "clear and convincing evidence" by which a jury may relieve you of your property in a civil trial.

There's "beyond a reasonable doubt," by which a jury can send you to jail.

There's "d--n sure," the standard that ought to be applied before getting married.

But what's the phrase to describe the level of evidence that Bush lied?
What's the evidentiary standard for impeachment?
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