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Follow the Money

Tom Noe Admits Funneling Money to Bush Campaign

A top Republican fund-raiser who is the leading figure in an Ohio political scandal pleaded guilty on Wednesday to illegally funneling money to President George W. Bush's 2004 reelection campaign. [...] He wrote checks to two dozen Republican supporters so they could attend a $2,000-a-plate Bush fund-raising dinner held in the state capital of Columbus on October 30, 2003. Noe's scheme netted $45,400 for the Bush campaign and he became a top fund-raiser for the party in Ohio, raising more than $100,000 for Bush and other Republicans.
Will anybody in the White House press corps ask Tony Snow about this?
What's there to ask? Guy pled guilty. End of story.
What's there to ask? For starters, what will the RNC (which now has custody of the leftover Bush campaign fund) do with the illegal contributions? They haven't indicated that they'll donate it to charity or otherwise get rid of the money.
sounds like a question for the rnc, not tony snow.
(Geez. The Pubs are really scraping the bottom of the troll barrel.)

q2, take a look at the web page

Please notice that at the upper left, it says "Party Leadership."

Please note that right beneath that, it has a picture of George W. Bush.

You see, the president is the leader of his party. So, if the RNC has accepted filthy money, it passed through the president's hands.

Metaphorically speaking.
uh, on that same page you should note the republican national committee "chairman". who happens to be, well, the chairman of the rnc. kinda like your lover howard dean is the chairman of the dnc... not your friends like pelosi and reid who are the highest ranking party members in their respective houses; not dnc chairmen... but you're a smart one, a few more elections and you'd have figured that out. sigh.
q2, I hope you get paid for humiliating yourself this way.

1. Tom Noe gives dirty money to George Bush, using illegal conduit contributions.

2. MEC asks, reasonably enough, what the RNC is going to do with the dirty money.

3. You say it has nothing to do with the White House, because the White House has nothing to do with the RNC.

4. You are proven to be totally wrong on that score.

5. You raise a diversion to try to pretend that you haven't been caught out.

We don't play fetch-the-stick around here. You either admit that you were wrong, have your accountability moment, or you can go have intercourse with whatever species of farm animal will put up with you.
mec said tony snow should be asked... like q2 said in the 3rd post, "sounds like a question for the rnc, not tony snow."

nobody said anything about the rnc not being accountable. nobody said the white house has nothing to do with the rnc, but it was said that said issue needs to be taked up with rnc management. (illiterate much?) hellooo in there! and thinking that george bush is responsible for some guy illegally raising money is a poor conclusion.

and i think it's well known that you don't play fetch the stick. maybe fetch the dick... but nobody's judging. te he he.
I am a fourteen year old posting under multiple pseudonyms to try to pretend that I am not q2. I am sorry that I don't know enough to quit when I am caught lying, so please forgive me. I wanted to be born as a possum, but God thought I could do better. Some day I will learn to take responsibility for my actions, but that could be a long time from now.
It looks to me like q2 is posting without first reading the information here. It's a question for Tony Snow because the money was illegally donated to George Bush's campaign, and Tony Snow is George Bush's spokesman.

The RNC comes into it because the George Bush campaign gave its surplus funds to the RNC. So now the RNC has the money that was illegally donated.

Since the RNC has made no move to divest itself of ill-gotten gains, it's appropriate to ask the spokesman of the man who originally received those ill-gotten gains whether he's going to use his authority as head of the Party (and thus, as it were, the "Commander in Chief" of the RNC) to tell the RNC to do what it should do, but hasn't.
It would also be appropriate to ask whether, and how often, Tom Noe has visited the White House. People who raise as much money for the Republican Party and the Bush Campaign as he did usually do it in order to get something in return: for example, access to Bush. So, did he meet with Bush, and if he did, what did they discuss?
" head of the Party..."

learn. absoooorrrrbb. get off the ignorant train.

the president is not the head of the republican party. questions to be directed to the RRRRRR NNNNN CCCCCC. get it yet? remove your head from places on chuckie's body.
I am sorry that I am such a terrible liar. I can't help myself. I know that the President is the head of the RNC. It says so right on the RNC page. But some twisted, sick part inside me thinks that if I just tell the same lie enough times, it will somehow turn into truth.

Yes, I know that the father of lies is Satan and that this repeated lying proves that's my daddy.

But I just can't help myself!
Oh my God! I can't believe that I was actually so stupid as to pretend to be a blog host! And I continued to lie and lie, like the disgusting morally sick person that I am! Won't someone help me please?

And I am so LAME! What kind of moron do I have to be to ignore what the RNC says about itself? What kind of horrendous fool must I be to link a Wikipedia article that says:

President George W. Bush, is the current leader of the Republican

while trying to claim that George W. Bush has nothing to do with the corruption epidemic in the Republicam Party?

Oh God. What is this brown stuff running down my pants leg and into my bowl? Ew. Ew. Ew.
Never forget, q2, or whatever you care to be called, this is our home.

We control the horizontal. We control the vertical. And you are never anonymous to the Sysop.

You are hereby on notice that your behavior-- specifically the use of multiple pseudonyms and the attempt to impersonate a Blog Host-- is regarded as harassment. We have previously never censored anything except commercial spam before. You've had to press the envelope to achieve this first.

Play these games anymore and I can arrange to make this even less pleasant for you.

Your choice.
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