Friday, June 16, 2006


Friday Cat Blogging

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."
Just my luck. MEC gets twin Te Xuan Ze.
"Constant vigilance!" as Alastor Moody says.

That sounds like a fun show, Charles. Now you've got me imagining Juniper Lee/Harry Potter crossover fan fiction. (I'm sure it already exists.)
Juniper Lee is a relatively bright spot in the world of children's cartoons, PW. Given what that universe consists of, it's not a high accomplishment. The low point of that world may be a cartoon about The Grim Reaper, who lives with an incredibly stupid boy and a smart but genuinely evil girl, but there's competition even for that ghoulish entry. "Totally Spies" is too soul-deprived for even "vapid" to apply.

If it's a choice of Harry Potter vs. Juniper Lee, stick with Harry. But one episode caught my interest and I watched it through. A fast-talking mummy with a Texas accent convinces the monsters of Orchid Bay City that they are in grave danger from bat otters. They are in a panic, and are forking over everything they have for shoddily made goods to protect themselves.

As it turns out, bat otters are hardly a threat because they so close to being extinct that no one has ever seen one. However, because Juniper Lee is snooping around, the Texan has to find the last surviving bat otter to protect his business. He keeps it locked in the dungeon. Juniper breaks into the dungeon and discovers that the bat otter is actually a cute, lovable creature. She takes it to the surface, where the Orchid Bay monsters can't refrain from cuddling it. It's totally harmless (or is it?)

What interested me was the parallel to a certain fast-talking Texan of our acquaintance. "Rocky and Bullwinkle" it isn't, but it's the closest thing this generation will see.
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