Friday, June 30, 2006


Great Moments In GOP Hilarity, Minnesota Edition

Just as the Republican Congress and their tame media enablers are calling for things like putting the NYT's Bill Keller to death for revealing "secrets" that were already revealed by the Bush Administration, Minnesota Republicans are now blasting the StarTribune for covering a story that the Minnesota GOP has, in a press release, urged them to cover. This is what happens, Big Media, when you coddle and suck up to Republicans and give in to their demands, as you have done for decades. They will take the power over you that you have ceded to them, and use it to attempt to destroy you.

I suspect the Strib is about to prove the wisdom of the saw about not getting into an argument with a man who buys ink by the barrel.
I would certainly hope so.

As Eric Black notes, they bent over backwards to be nice to Kennedy and the Minnesota Republican Party, and their niceness was repaid with savagery.
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