Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Honor Among Thieves: Rove/Gold Bars Luskin Edition

Christy Hardin Smith notes that Gold Bars Luskin told the NYT that he's been told that his client, Karl Rove, won't be charged in Plamegate. As Christy says:

I’ve said this before, and I will say it again: unless and until I hear it from Patrick Fitzgerald, the investigation continues to be ongoing. Which means that there are still potential developments down the road, should the evidence (like handwritten marching orders on the Wilson op-ed in Dick Cheney’s handwriting) lead there.
I concur. Gold Bars has been caught, um, being less than honestly truthful in the past about this case. But should it be true that, after five grand jury appearances, Rove does indeed get off the hook, I can think of only one reason why, and it's the same reason I've mentioned before in discussing the Rove-Cheney tug of war in this case: It's because Rove's promised Fitz that he'll deliver Dick Cheney's head on a silver platter to the grand jury. Note that Luskin didn't say that the grand jury was being disbanded. That's rather suggestive.

Could be.

But I don't think even Luskin is stupid enough to claim that he has a letter from Fitzgerald saying his client is, if not completely off the hook, at least not in the frying pan.

I think everyone underestimates how difficult it is to take on a White House like the Nixon-Cheney Administration. I think everyone underestimates how clever Rove is at keeping his fingerprints off the murder weapon. I think everyone underestimates Rove is at putting out false stories to discredit and distract.

As for the Grand Jury, it's a general Grand Jury and is hearing many cases completely unrelated to Plamegate.

But in the end, we have a cold-blooded crime that may have cost lives and almost certainly deprived us of crucial intelligence for understanding Iran's intentions. No one has even gone to trial.

So, maybe Fitz is playing a very deep game. But my guess is that what you see is what you get.
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