Thursday, June 08, 2006


How Bush Has Brought Freedom to the Women of Iraq

That would be "freedom" in the Orwellian sense. The Independent (via the invaluable Truthout) has the horrifying details.

Three years after the US-led invasion of Iraq, women's secular freedoms - once the envy of women across the Middle East - have been snatched away because militant Islam is rising across the country. Across Iraq, a bloody and relentless oppression of women has taken hold.
Iraqi women are being kidnapped, raped, sold into slavery. They are being murdered for working outside the home, walking in public with an unrelated man, wearing "immodest" clothing (i.e. not being shrouded from head to foot), running for political office, daring to go to school, driving cars, being seen outside their homes. Bush asserted that "Saddam had rape rooms" as one of his excuses for invading the country. Now that Bush has "liberated" Iraq, the entire country is a "rape room". Does anybody care that the people of Iraq are much worse off now? Or don't women count? Where is the outrage?
I am curious as to what other 'freedoms' will be discovered which we have brought to a country where we were not wanted by more than a few...
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