Sunday, June 25, 2006


I got Orwell on my mind...

I was about to place a satirical post on Thers's blog replacing Kos as Emmanuel Goldstein in the Hate Moment from "1984," when I happened to glance at Billmon's site. Billmon is on an Orwell tear, and never has the satire been more biting. He's correctly identified the GOP strategy for Iraq as 1. Cut 2. Run This, of course, is exactly opposite of yesterday's talking points, which were that anyone who wants a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq is a traitor giving aid and comfort to the enemy. "Yesterday's talking points? When was yesterday?" the GOP asks. He has pointed out that CNN has absorbed the GOP talking points, omitting any mention of controversy over a withdrawal timetable. "We're not losing the war!", the GOP said, stamping its feet And, as Billmon points out, that's true. We're losing two wars He remarks that Ron Suskind said on Blitzer's Follies, Al Qaida preferred that Bush be re-elected. Orwell's vision of a society in which truth no longer mattered, in which citizens were led around by mental images inserted into their minds by a media that can completely invert the Party line in mid-sentence, in which no one was free of the sense of being watched has now been fulfilled.
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