Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Invitations To Rational Discussion: The Ultimate Troll Repellent

Over at Pharnygula, PZ Myers has discovered the sure-fire way to make right-wing trolls disappear: Ask them to back up their assertions with verifiable evidence (in this case, evidence that any of them actually read, much less found nuggets of truth in, Ann Coulter's latest book). We've found that a similar technique works, albeit usually only temporarily, here at MR. The trolls will at first try to change the subject, but when that fails they make a big show of waving bye-bye, only to come back later (often under a different handle). This may mean that we get more paid Rendon-Group-style trolls than does Myers.

OK then, what are we discussing?
Let's talk about what the acronym OASDI stands for, Sandy. If you can get over the lie you are telling in the thread The On Your Own-ership Society, there's hope for you.
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