Saturday, June 24, 2006


LAT: 50,000 Iraqis -- At A Minimum -- Violently Dead Because Of Bush

EZ Writer has the early scoop. And yes, the death toll's much higher in reality, but counting all the deaths has been next to impossible. All so Bush could put in those permanent bases and super-bases. And people wonder why the Iraqis hate us? Under Saddam, they at least had stability and a secular culture. Women could go to work in jeans. Now women, if they have jobs outside the home, must go out in hijabs or abayas and with a husband or brother at their side -- and they still risk being raped and killed by any of the sectarian gangs running around with machine guns.

The new Bush plan for Iraq is detailed and thoughtful, really impressive:

1. Cut
2. Run

All timed for electoral effect.
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