Monday, June 26, 2006


More On The Shoeless Scary Brown Kids Who Talked Big

Remember the horribly dangerous Black Muslim terrorists who were planning "an attack bigger than 9/11" except they were so impoverished, silly and pathetic that they begged their Al-Qaeda contact -- who turned out to be an FBI agent running a sting operation -- to give them military footwear so they could all have the same stuff on their feet? Well, turns out that not only were these kids NOT "clear and present dangers", they aren't even really Muslim. And Larry Johnson reminds us that other highly-profiled (by the Bushies) Dangerous Evil Muslim Guys busted in the Bushistas' War on Terra have turned out not exactly to be as advertised.

The follow-up reality isn't so important - all they care about is that initial PR jolt of "We caught the scary al Qaeda terrorists! We're keeping America safe!"

No-one pays attention when the other shoe drops.
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