Tuesday, June 27, 2006


None Dare Call It Treason -- If Right-Wing Papers Do It

Riddle me this: If it's "treason" to point out that the Bush Administration is doing a wholesale Hoovering of the financial data of millions of Americans, then WHY are Bush and his right-wing press parrots and enablers only going after the NYT -- and not the more conservative and Bush-friendly papers like the Wall Street Journal and LA Times, which also published that news? Nothing like a blast of rancid orchestrated GOP/Media Complex hypocrisy, is there?

Bush friendly LA Times. Nice one!

Oh...and get a clue, the NYT did it first so they're the ones that always get named. The investigation will look into all 3. Sorry to be a buzzkill.

Is that buzzard roadkill?

A lot of the anonymous posters here end up that way. Metaphorically-speaking, of course.

Here's reality

Excuse me, but where is the beef? As someone who works on a daily basis on money laundering issues and who is credited (see page 3, footnote 15), along with my partner, for identifying a money laundering technique employed by terrorists, I am mystified why this is even considered a story. ... What has the President's shorts in a knot is that this latest revelation may create a political problem for the Administration ... I have learned from one of the reporters from the three outlets who published the story that the White House did not make a serious effort to get the story stopped ...We have to entertain the possibility that this was deliberately leaked so the President and his Republican allies could try to refocus public attention on the evil "liberal" media.

Do stop back when the Wall Street Journal gets indicted.
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