Friday, June 30, 2006


Noted with pleasure: Spocko's brain

The author of a new blogSpocko's Brain, which boasts 19 readers (up 5 from yesterday!), had a good suggestion: in responding to right-wing radio/TV crackpots who advocate assassination and other crimes, direct comments to the people who place advertising. Radio stations and TV stations have people who are accustomed to act as heat shields for their "entertainers." You can fill their in boxes with no effect. But when a big advertiser withdraws support, it's a blow. Most advertisers also route mail through heat shields. But if you can find out who in the company places advertising... well, they're likely to consider whether they want their company's image associated with calls to murder.
Hey thanks! If I spent more time at promoting myself instead of going after the crazy radio hosts I might crack that 30 reader mark!

(Actually I'm up to 25 now. I only count the people who say, "I'm a reader" I try not to let not verifiable facts like a blog stats program go to my head. (raised eyebrow)

Also If I wrote shorter posts I figure more readers could enjoy me, but us Vulcan do trend to go on.
Oh, you do a pretty good job of self-promotion, Spocko. And it does pay to be shameless.

My goal, though, is to build community. I very much appreciate readers, or at least the ones who really want to exchange ideas.

Anyway, bon chance with your media site.
My curiosity is piqued. We could be fellow-travelers in the land of the odd. You got my attention Spocko... and I haven't even read your posts,... yet. I have been depositing my ideas and perspectives on a few other Forums that are Health or Nutrition oriented.

My central theme is teaching people how not to become infected with viruses like "colds" and "flu" and how to reduce the danger of pandemics related to diverse causes such as attacks by extremist fanatics or the frequent bumbling ineptitude of officialdumb. Thought I'd give you a heads-up.

I would guess 1/5 of my comments on Skin Cell Forum
relate to the power structures or various potentials for disaster. The rest has to do with self-reliance, good health and curative issues. I am perhaps a bit whimsical in putting my points accross. Before you can teach anyone anything, you have to get their attention.

Anyway Spocko, I hope it turns out we are somewhere nearly on the same page...
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