Sunday, June 11, 2006


Once Again, I Have To Go To A Non-US Paper To Find Out What's Going On

Funny, I never saw this mentioned on the evening US TV news, did you? (Hat tip to Richard for pointing this out.)

CIVILIANS who spent time at the Haditha Dam base of the Third Battalion of the First Marines describe the place as something out of Apocalypse Now or Lord Of The Flies. It was 'feral' one said. Soldiers didn't wash. They had abandoned regulation billets and had built make-shift, primitive huts bearing skull-and-crossbone signs. The place stank. One American civilian engineer attached to the camp, with the task of keeping the huge hydro-electric dam nearby operating, said he was terrified of the soldiers he had to live alongside.
Charming, eh? Rather revealing, eh? But somehow, this part of the story seems to get left out of the news stories that most Americans will see and hear.

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