Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Reading the Rovian Tealeaves

In the Rove-Cheney Deathmatch that's been the biggest part of Treasongate so far, it definitely looks like Rove is winning (but only if Libby doesn't do anything that throws serious doubt on what Rove has told Fitz so far -- and as shown by Rove's five grand jury appearances, Fitzgerald isn't going to be shy about asking Rove to clarify his previous testimony). This isn't a big surprise. Rove has two scalps more valuable than his own to offer up to Fitzgerald: Cheney's and Bush's. Cheney only has one -- and I can't see any contingency that would cause him to knife Bush. (Not because he likes Bush, but because Cheney knows full well what the reaction from the GOP would be. "Horse's head in the bed" wouldn't begin to cover it.) Oh, and Bush can't make this go away with a pardon. He does that, and the Democrats WILL win both Houses in '06.

The Dems will win only if they get the right candidates, organize like h--l, and fight to the last dog.

Based on Iran-Contra experience, it would be surprising if Libby's trial is completed before mid '07. Appeals will go on much longer.

Bush will issue blanket pardons, as did the Governor of Kentucky after the 2008 election.

These guys have crime down to a science.
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