Friday, June 23, 2006


Real Americans on the Culture of Corruption

For most people, the graft and bribery exemplified in the Abramoff scandal are just part of business as usual. But for the real Americans, the Native Americans, the corruption has hit home hard. It is their money, spent in good faith to try to gain some influence in Washington, that ended up being essentially stolen. It is their development projects that have gotten screwed up. And despite the molestation of the facts by The Washington Post, it is-- at least within rounding error--a 100% Republican scandal. Via Amy K, I got a copy of the newsletter, produced by the economic development arm of the Winnebago tribe of Nebraska. Among the : Menominee man paid for hooking up Abramoff (6/23) Report urges investigation of Norton associate (6/23) Sandia Pueblo forced to hire Abramoff's partner (6/23) Rep. Ney initially denied knowing of Tigua Tribe (6/23) Ralph Reed paid more than $5M by Abramoff tribes (6/23) Here's an excerpt from the Ney story: Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio), one of several members of Congress linked to the Jack Abramoff scandal, initially denied knowing of the Tigua Tribe of Texas despite being heavily involved with efforts to reopen the tribe's casino. In a November 12, 2004, interview with the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, "Congressman Ney said he was not at all familiar with the Tigua" and didn't recall meeting with the tribe. But evidence produced to the committee and testimony from tribal leaders directly contradicted Ney's claim. The Republicans came to clean up Washington, and so they have. They have vacuumed up every last dollar.
A bit off topic:
My ears perked up hearing about the missle site in ND where protestors were arrested. I thought I heard the site is on Indian land. That made me think of the bunker buster test, Divine Strake, orginially scheduled for June, was also on Indian land or it was Indian land to begin with. Previously, the nevada site was a nuclear testing site. So how many of these kinds of military sites are located on original Indian land or present Indian owned land?
Hope all the culprits involved in the Indian casino boondoggle finally get the attention they deserve.
There's a long history of the US Government casually desecrating Native sites. The use of Yucca Mountain for nuclear waste storage is classic.

I don't know whether the Divine Strake site is widely considered sacred land. I take what AIM says with a grain of salt. Also, from what I can tell, the Western Shoshone are claiming lands that are very unlikely to be recognized as theirs by the courts. Kos diarist Blissing provides links that suggest that there is some basis in international law for the objection.
Oh yeah, Yucca Mtn, how could I forget.
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