Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Some Good News Today For You All

Armed Forces Radio did a study that's sure to piss off the culture-cons. Seems that the troops overseas, especially the younger ones, want Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, country music, and NPR removed from their radios. Instead, they want more pop and hip-hop. If this were ten years ago, I'd be slightly bummed that they don't want NPR. But since Tomlinson installed his right-wing goons at CPB, NPR now stands for "Nice Polite Republicans".

It's good to know they want music with values.
Indeed it is, Fistandantalus.

Gospel hip-hopper Kanye West is a far more moral person than many of the cookie-cutter acts coming out of corporate NashVegas these days.

Nice to know we can agree on something. :-)
Some people don't know the difference between rap and hip-hop, PW, or even the good from the bad in rap. It's all a matter of the negritude of the music.

From Blackman in Effect:

Near the Tigris and Euphrates Valleys in Asia
Lies the Garden of Eden
Where Adam became a father to humanity
Now don't get mad at me
But according to facts, this seems just fantasy
Because man, the most ancient man
Was found thousands of years before Adam began
And where he was found, again they can't laugh at ya
It's right, dead, smack in Africa
But due to religious and political power
We must be denied the facts every hour
We run to school, tryin' to get straight A's
Let's take a trip way back in the days
To the first civilization on Earth, the Egyptians
Giving birth to science, mathematics and music
Religion, the list goes on, you choose it
Egypt was the land of spiritual blessing
Egypt was the land of facts, not guessing
People from all over the world had come
To learn from Egypt, Egypt number one
So people that believe in Greek philosophy
Know your facts, Egypt was the monopoly
Greeks had learned from Egyptian masters
You might say "Prove it", well here's the answers
640 to 322 b.C. originates Greek philosophy
But in that era Greece was at war
With themselves and Persia, what's more
Any philosopher at that time was a criminal
He'd be killed very simple
This indicates that Greece had no respect
For science or intellect
So how the hell you created philosophy
When you kill philosophers constantly
The point is that we descend from kings
Science, art and beautiful things
African history is the worlds history
This is the missing link and mystery
Once we realise they all are African
White will sit down with black and laugh again

-Blackman in Effect

But, see, that's values-free, since it's rap. I.e., black.
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