Sunday, June 25, 2006


Straining the GOP

Via TPMuck, we learn of an article in Roll Call describing a filter to block Republicans: What's the Logic? Some members of Congress are requiring would-be emailers to complete a simple "logic puzzle" before being allowed to send a note through their official Web site. But several advocacy groups are complaining, saying the puzzles -- several of which are actually basic arithmetic problems -- went beyond their stated purpose of preventing spam and actually prevented logic-challenged constituents from having their voices heard. (Roll Call) So, Petewhen is Blogger going to incorporate one of these?

Live by the illogic, die by the illogic.
When I chose a template for my blog the one you use seemed to have this advantage built in. Trolls seem to be detered by a three step comment process. In my case a two step process seems to deter them. But a logic puzzle of the simplest sort would tend to filter them out, they can't see their bloody hands in front of their own faces, afterall.

The verification characters for this one are ryewycl, beyond the typing abilities of most frat boy trolls.
Wow... imagine that... not wanting to waste your time reading posts by persons unable to complete a simple logic test or simple arithmetic...

Sounds like a great plan to me.
If irony is not dead, it is comatose.
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