Tuesday, June 27, 2006


TNR Scores An Own Goal. Again.

Sheesh. We already knew that they were both morally and financially impoverished (if not bankrupt). But do they have to keep proving it over and over again? I just surfed over from Atrios' shop, and he has this to say about TNR: Personally I was astonished by the movie Shattered Glass and TNR's response to it. They were promoting the damn thing, and they were right to. Somehow it made them look good! Everyone managed to be a bit of a hero except for Glass himself. No one else was responsible. EGGGGZACKTLY. TNR played the fricking "Sergeant Schultz Defense" when Glass was uncovered. They literally tried to pretend that they were too stupid to know what was going on, and why, so they could escape the consequences of their actions. It was no coincidence that Stephen Glass' mentor was the late Democrat-hating Michael Kelly -- who himself was known for slinging bullshit, though he was apparently just careful enough not to do anything that would be blatant enough to get him busted. And it's no coincidence that Jason Zengerle was tasked to be Glass' fact-checker -- and fell down on the job. And it's no coincidence that TNR worshiped that stinking pile of debunked right-wing racist crap known as The Bell Curve. Pattern and practice, my dear. Pattern and practice. TNR wanted to pretend that they were the victims of Bad Apple Glass, when in fact as far as they were concerned, his only real sin was being clumsy about it. To name just one example: Glass writes a lie-filled hit piece on Vernon Jordan for George magazine (and Jordan was a guy whose ties with the Clintons made him a favorite target of the GOP/Media Complex), and that wasn't questioned at the time because making up vicious lies about prominent Democrats is A-OK with the GOP/Media Complex. It was only when Forbes magazine wanted to do a follow-up piece on his hacker story that he finally got nailed. If he'd accused Bill Clinton or Vernon Jordan of being one of the hackers, nobody would have questioned him, and he'd still be writing for TNR today.

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