Wednesday, June 07, 2006



(Image from Bradblog) Dragnet voice: Study this face carefully. This is the face of a new epidemic of crime in America. This is the face of VOTE FRAUD. NYDaily News: Election officials in Palm Beach County, Fla., are reportedly investigating why Coulter voted in the wrong precinct in a local election in February - even though a poll worker tried to stop her. Knowingly voting in the wrong precinct is a felony in Florida, and Coulter has hired a former U.S. attorney to defend her there. ...Coulter denied knowingly voting in the wrong district in a Fox News Channel interview Tuesday night, and said she actually lives in New York.... Coulter is also registered to vote in New Canaan, Conn. - though the local registrar told the Daily News yesterday it's illegal to be registered in two places at once. Coulter cast an absentee ballot in New Canaan in the 2004 election.... Republicans have such strange fantasies about crooked voting. Yes, there once was a time in America when you could hand a wino or a vagrant or a local chump $2 and have them vote for you. And then, forty years ago, the secret ballot came along, and they'd take your $2 or your $5 or your $20 and vote for whoever they wanted-- often against whoever was passing out bribes since, like most citizens, they wanted clean government. Between that and pressure from good government reformers from FDR (a passionate enemy of the New York City Tammany machine) to George McGovern (whose maverick candidacy foreshadowed this era's Kossacks at the Gates), the big city machines ground to a halt. That didn't stop crooked voting. For example, those wealthy enough to afford two residences could vote twice. And since such people often think that they're wealthier because they're better than the hoi polloi, it tasted like sweet revenge. So... guess who is likely to become a disbarred and possibly en-barred Constitutional lawyer?
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