Monday, June 05, 2006


The Wheels of Justice?

Gee, remember how Cynthia McKinney was given a high-tech lynching -- much of it by people who should have known better -- over her alleged assault of a male DC Capitol Police officer? You'd think that with such an allegedly strong case against her that she would already have been removed from office, sentenced and hung by now. But you'd be wrong:

McKinney probe enters 3rd month

The grand jury investigation of 4th District Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney enters its third month today with no hint from the federal prosecutor about how much longer it will take to settle a case that legal experts said should have been wrapped up in a matter of days.
Of course, the spin in the article is that she's getting cushy treatment. But the really cushy treatment would have been to do what was done with white Republican Congressmen Bob Barr and Mickey Edwards (who in 1990 "poked" a female black DC Capitol Police officer who wouldn't let one of his staffers pass without proper ID): Nothing. Instead, the case now drags out deeper into the 2006 election season. That's not making anyone happy, aside from the Georgia Republican Party.

Word I hear is that the district is wise.

She's likely to win by an even larger margin than usual.
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