Sunday, June 18, 2006


Whodunnit? The Army Corps Done It

Ivor van Heerden's book The Storm is out. Van Heerden did a presentation at Octavia Books, recorded on C-Span, that everyone should see. While he didn't spare anyone, he pointed out that the Army Corps of Engineers is resisting sharing data that could save lives, that it failed to deal with subsidence problems over the years, and that it is re-building the levee and canal system to the same substandard specifications... but this time, leaving in place weakened sections of retaining wall. The solutions he proposes are feasible. He puts the cost at $30B. The oil companies could afford to pay that out of their annual profits, and probably should. Partly because they created the environmental problem and partly because they have helped create a political system in which troglodytes run things.
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