Thursday, July 20, 2006


And This Is How He Treats His Friends, Mind You

After all the hard work the American conservatives and the Bush Junta did to get Angela Merkel elected, Bush apparently decided to remind her that he owns her lock, stock and barrel and can do whatever he wants with her. Tony, too.

I'm beyond embarassed. A superannuated frat boy is the public face of my country. And it is apparently all right with the ruling elite to have him pawing Merkel in public. We are living in a decaying empire.
That's why I'm not embarrased, olvlzl.

In no way did I help select, install, or maintain in office this clown. The corrupt sybarites running the empire installed him in office. He is a mirror of their faces, every lying, bragging, threatening, stealing one of them.
You're both right.

Let us hope the U.S. will survive, battered and torn, a few years more and we will be rid of this ridiculous cartoon of a man.

We will then be proud as a nation that we both survived and subsequently abolished this thing.

Hey, we've got it in writing. It's the Constitution! We kept the receipt.
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