Wednesday, July 12, 2006


And This Surprises Anyone How?

From DiversityInc:

Conservative backlash to the massive street demonstrations over immigration is aggravating Republican leaders' carefully orchestrated plans to renew the landmark Voting Rights Act before the fall elections. After Latinos came out in greater force than they have in decades to protest a House-passed immigration bill, conservatives persuaded Republican leaders not to force a vote last month to extend the law that requires bilingual ballots in precincts with large non-English-speaking populations. They joined with a group of southern Republicans who object to extending the law's requirement that nine states have federal oversight decades after they quit hindering blacks' access to voting booths through Jim Crow laws.
Oh, come now. The GOP threw blacks over the side decades ago. It was George W. Bush's own father who helped road-test the "Southern Strategy" back in 1964, well before Nixon used it in 1972. That's why all the talk of "Republicans making inroads among Hispanics" has been a joke all along: Everybody knew that the moment the GOP feels threatened, they immediately move to placate their base, and their base doesn't like blacks, Hispanics, or anyone else who tans better than they do and/or doesn't attend the same churches that they do.

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