Thursday, July 13, 2006


"The bad news: it's in America"

The story of the day definitely goes to Mike Malloy, Mike Papantonio, RFK Jr., and Bradblog for the story that qui tam civil (fraud) cases have been filed against two voting machine companies. In 60 days, the legal boys will be free to discuss details. But apparently they have the internal whistleblowers to back up what may be the biggest lawsuit since Pap brought down Big Tobacco. No one in the lapdog press has picked up the qui tam story, but AP has noticed other lawsuits that have been filed: Lawsuits have been filed in at least nine states, alleging that the machines are wide open to computer hackers and prone to temperamental fits of technology that have assigned votes to the wrong candidate. Manufacturers say their machines are more reliable than punch cards and other traditional voting technologies. But they face a determined opponent in Voter Action, which has filed lawsuits in Colorado, California, Arizona and New Mexico. Similar bans have been sought by voters in Texas, Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. On Thursday, a coalition of groups filed a lawsuit in Georgia. Listen here, courtesy Brad Friedman
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