Sunday, July 02, 2006


Bringing Charges Over A Non-Secret?

In light of the news that the Bush Junta is planning to bring up secret-spilling charges against the New York Times (but not, of course, against the Wall Street Journal or the Los Angeles Times, even though they ran the same story), I thought it was time to remind everyone that if this program was such a secret, then how come a Bush Administration official testified in an open-to-the-public session of Congress about it in 2004?

Really, if it was such a big secret, how come I knew about it?

How come Al Qaeda operatives changed to using couriers to avoid the Bush spying?


Just because they themselves are idiots they expect that all of us are too.

Wrong again.
The NYT's Bill Keller brought up this very point when he made the Sunday-talk-show rounds today.
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