Saturday, July 01, 2006


C-SPAN screws listeners again

Yesterday, C-Span said it would have Ron Suskind on at 7AM & 4PM Eastern. Today it turns out it's at 9AM Sunday and 6:47AM Monday. But as a consolation prize, you can listen to Daniel Okrent. Suskind is a best-selling author, talking about issues of national significance. Okrent is a dope, rationalizing how he managed to miss so many key stories while ombudsman at The NYT. Almost equivalent, wouldn't one say? If Democrats ever take control of government, making C-Span's governance politically-neutral is an item to be considered. _________________________________ Update: In the Too Stupid to Be Organic, C-Span's BookTV point person responds that s/he never uses the main C-Span schedule because it's not reliable. Talk about left hand and right hand being unacquainted with one another.
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