Sunday, July 23, 2006


Calderon: I want peace, but not the crap that getting it requires.

Image is PANista Carlos Gelista from La Jornada, at link The photo is by Jose Carlo Gonzalez. OK, my stupid: Demo is not this Sunday. It's a good thing they didn't put me in charge of the Refreshment Committee. Meanwhile, the PRD (more precisely, the For the Good of All Coalition, which includes other minor parties) delivered the next round of documents, having to do with irregularities in the July 2nd count. Tomorrow they file the complaint on illegally opening ballot packets. They have already delivered a tape of ex-PRI union boss magisterial, Elba Esther Gordillo with the PRIist Governor of Tamaulipas, Eugenio Hernández, in which they discuss selling out to PAN. (The tape is online at the PRD site. I haven't listened to it). Another bit of evidence is the refusal of the electoral delinquency cops, the Fiscalía Especializada para la Atención de Delitos Electorales (Fepade), denying to the PRD coalition copies of previous verification checks which included issues of the Calderon's cousin and software impresario Hildebrando. There's more, but I got a "monthly bandwidth exceeded" message from the translation center of my brain. Another gripe is illegal coordination between organizations and companies and the PAN campaign to the tune of about $15-20M for electronic blitz ads. By the way, the link to which that goes is the Senderodelpeje blog, roughly translated as The Kingfish Way, a phrase with humorous resonances of Huey Long and the Sendero Luz guerrillas. I'd read it more often if they'd get an editor, but they do have great cartoons. La Jornada also had a wonderful glimpse of the "MiniFox Cabinet." This one, showing Esther Elba Gordillo reading from her ethics handbook as the head of Education is the teaser for the full nine yards here. An interesting sidelight from Flashpoints, Friday with Gustavo Iruegas, former Mexican Ambassador of Foreign Relations to Latin America and the Caribbean. He says there are so many Lebanese in Mexico, they could force Mexico to accept refugees.
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