Sunday, July 30, 2006


Mexican Demo update

Could the march go as high as TWO million this time? The Solictor General, Bernardo Batiz thinks so. (Update: The police say 2.4 million) He also denied the (not particularly credible) suggestion from the press that governmental employees are being forced to pay kickbacks to support the march. As he said, make a formal charge before a court. If it's true, it would be incredibly easy to prove. The marchers are smiling, armed only with whistles, rattles, and drums. It is, , says José Gil Olmos, President Fox, ultra-right wing civil organizations (especially church-affiliated ones), private enterprise, and certain media organizations are the ones urging violence. Like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, they are creating an atmosphere ripe for violence by repressing a genuine popular yearning for real and free elections. President Vicente Fox's involvement in the election will become a matter in front of the elections court. Personally, I think that there's no question he abused his office. If the allegations against his wife and sons are sustained, it will be Katy, bar the door.
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