Saturday, July 15, 2006


Mexico, a Saturday siesta

The PRD page is down, perhaps yet one more hack attack, perhaps a weather or Net-related outage. Tomorrow is the big demo in Mexico City. Thousands have already arrived, and are preparing for the march at 11AM Central from the Museum of Anthropology to the central plaza, the Zocalo. You know it's for real: Bolillos, aluminum casseroles and portapotties have been deployed. It's kind of a slow news day, so if you want, skip to the bikinis of Sao Paolo. Is #6 pregnant? Trinidad Morales of the PRD confesses to naivete in failing to have PRD reps at 20% of the precincts dominated by PAN. But he says it's not an error. It's a bit hard to read, but it seems as if there were some gaps between the PRD and the "citizen network." To follow up on the ballot box stuffing film below, Fromow Rangel of the electoral fraud division says he hasn't received a formal complaint. which may mean that the PRD has decided against charging the fellow with fraud. As I pointed out, it doesn't change the fact that the film shows extremely poor controls on ballots. And it doesn't rule out filing fraud charges later. AMLO says that even if the vote by vote recount shows a Calderon win, the election was dirty and he will continue to criticize it. But the demos will cease. Sunday, he will discuss thousands of precinct tally sheets that do not match the result. PRI's Esther Elba Gordita... er, Gordillo will not officially join PAN. (Esther Elba Gordillo, from El Diario) Doña Pompis from Supermachos See someone with a white or blue purse? They're supporting PAN (blue and white are PAN's colors). Or they don't support PAN but like white or blue. This is Calderon's latest brainstorm, a campaign to declare that Mexico wishes to live in peace. He was inspired by Gerald Ford's Whip Inflation Now campaign, another exciting moment in political history. (Um, the WIN reference is made in jest).
Charles, you're doing great work on this...even on siesta day. When it was time to post my Fraud in the Land of Telenovelas, Part II update, I pretty much checked two sources--Google News and you. Keep it up!
I am very glad it's of value, TB. We get so many visitors to the blog, but many people just lurk rather than posting, so I don't know what is of use and what is not.
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