Wednesday, July 19, 2006


More Evidence That The Economic Gaslighting Isn't Working Any More

More and more American workers are starting to ask the question "If the economy's been in such wonderful shape for the past few years, then where the hell's my pay raise?"

Barney Frank made a smilar point in the hearings with Bernanke. I don't know anyone who is better off today than they were seven years ago. Not even the relatively well off.

I don't hang out with rich trash, though.
Rich trash are doing very nicely, as long as they understood that Bush was going to be death on any investment involving creativity or knowledge (e.g., technology, e.g., pharmaceutics), and the resurrector of everything to do with death: weapons, global warming's agent-- oil, cyanide-mined gold, etc. One could predict dollar debauchery, debt, and war. I wrote a financial analysis saying these things in March 2001, I think it was. But it was all obvious as soon as Bush had grasped the presidency.
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