Thursday, July 06, 2006


Most deaths occur about 4AM

Liberty in Mexico, for example. The first graph shows the slow count. The counting went quickly up until about 7 or 8 (Central) in the evening. Then it slowed down. Way, way down. From 10:PM to 4AM, only 8% of the vote was counted. What were they doing? Minting ballots, I guess. Obrabor held a 2-2.5% advantage through a count of 70% of the vote. And then, suddenly-- a stroke? heart attack? the bite of an asp? Democracy died, at 4 AM.
I have no words left.

Only rage.
This has to be worked out peacefully, Dr. P. Yes, it's outrageous, but it's precisely the sort of outrage that can only be properly resolved by principles of nonviolent resistance.

Mexico has different groups struggling for supremacy. The indigenous people and rural farmers. Large landowners. Drug lords and other local bosses. A new generation of technocrats and (sort of) entrepreneurs. Ultra-right Catholics. Plutocrats. The US, which plays a major role in keeping people divided. And it faces overwhelming long-term problems: overpopulation, slow growth, environmental degradation, a farm crisis.

What's conspicuously missing is a generation with vision. It will take a person of tremendous inner strength and wisdom to channel anger and division into constructive social action.

Paging Juan Diego....
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