Thursday, July 13, 2006


OK, so here it comes, as we knew it would: The Mexican recount

FeCal is willing to do a partial recount. Although he has a mouthpiece, Juan Molinar, trying to push the toothpaste back in the tube, the PANistas are being forced to climb down from yet another ridiculous and extreme position, the first being that the election was over. I'm sure there are districts where no one cares if the votes are recounted. I'm sure that AMLO will waive his right to recount those in the name of [select from a menu of high sounding principles], just as FeCal is agreeing to recount as few as he can get away with in the name of [select from a menu of high sounding principles]. Of course, if the 10% of the precincts that I imagine will be covered by the partial recount are as screwed up as the 1% that have been already re-examined, then a 100% recount will be clearly indicated. So, there's a slight chance that this will not break down into civil disorder. But I suspect that behind the scenes, desperate PANistas or their accomplices in the IFE will continue to try to revise the ballots, that trolls like the one we were recently treated to on a preceding thread will continue to make it clear that PAN represents the paranoid, thuggish, ugly side of Mexico, and so on. In just two precincts, Guanajuato 6 and Tlaxcala 2, 200 bogus PAN votes were discovered. That's a huge miscount, almost certainly criminal. It would be nice if the guy who has been pretending to be president would say so.
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