Monday, July 10, 2006


The Pregnant Urn

I'm trying to get other stuff done, but some things are just too funny not to share. Apparently Lopez Obrador has film of a man dressed in blue stuffing a ballot urn in Guanajuato. I am downloading the film from 31.7 MB. Forty five minutes on dialup. No wonder they're hacking his site. Another video shows the council president of District III (Queretaro) expressing extreme reluctance to examine the ballots in a precinct which had 200 votes for Representative and Senator-- but 423 for president. I hope one of our readers has a line to John Stewart... this definitely looks like material for high comedy. ______________________ But, wait! There's more! Some of the formal elements of the complaint: 1. Partiality of the election institute (IFE) in not stopping the "Swiftboating" ads 2. Manipulation of the preliminary count by IFE 3. IFE failing to mention 2.5 million votes in the preliminary count. 3. Use of patronage, including some heavy-handed pressure on elderly/ill/disabled recipients of social programs including Vivienda Rural and Adultos Mayores. If I understand aright, 152 complaints have been filed outside of District 15. 151 are directed toward inconsistencies in calculation and precinct "irregularities" like the pregnant urn, which have already brought 52,000 votes into question. For Mexico City, there were "generic irregularities," presumably polling stations closed by flooding, voters told ballots were waterlogged, and so on. District 15's results were a litany of irregularities. The complaint also alleges that the software and computer system were compromised in a manner that would allow tampering. The 904, 604 blank ballots are 116,447 greater than in 2000 and are 2.16% of the total. In certain unmonitored districts, there are suspicious statistics for the Nueva Alianza candidate. And Fox dumped 80 billion extra pesos into the economy versus 2005 in just the first three moneths of the year. _______________________
More great stuff, Charles.

Apparently Obrador's site was hacked when he started playing recordings of phone conversations about vote fixing...

Now, let me think up another snappy headline ...
But where's the FILM? We need to get that up and propagated. The link is just to a page describing the film...
Your postings on the Mexican Election theft are excellent. Blogging at its finest.
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Ditto on the "nice work"...keep it up! I linked to this at Good Nonsense.
Thanks, guys...does anyone have a line in to Jon Stewart? Jay Leno?

Anyone who could help publicize the video?
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