Monday, July 31, 2006


Reagan on Bush

Ron Reagan, that is (not his "sainted" father):

Isn’t it past time we realized that whenever Bush or his allies seem to admit an uncomfortable truth, it’s only a tactical retreat. They’re really just trying to get through the day. Then, when we’ve stopped paying attention, they’ll go back to doing what they’re good at: subverting the truth.
And isn't it past time more people spoke out just like that.
Sounds a bit like their approach to unfavorable Supreme Court rulings...
Ron Jr. has it exactly right. BushCo's capacity for Reality Ignorance is breathtaking -- and they get away with it (for the most part) because of the breathtaking power and money which they use to insulate themselves from the effects of their own actions.

But Reality will not be mocked without impunity. The longer they delay their own Reality Reckoning, the nastier it will be. The hope is that the collateral damage isn't too severe.
Unfortunately, chimpster may turn out to be a D.C. version of Ceaucecsu.

I hope it doesn't get that ugly.
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