Sunday, July 30, 2006


Roasting ballots by an open fire

El Universal says: PRD workers from Ayutla surprised workers of the VIIIth district of the federal electoral institute burning election documents, inclluding dozens of ballots. Sebastián de la Rosa Peláez, leader of the PRD in the state of Guerrero, alleged burning of election documents at the city dump, orchestrated by José López López, secretary of Electoral Processes and the technical secretary of Council 8, Andrés Astudillo Camacho. Ballots came from the towns of Tecoanapa, Juchitán, Marquelia, Azoyú, Cuajinicuilapa, Cruz Grande, Ometepec, San Marcos and Ayutla... Rosa Peláez said that this district had burned 3,000 votes. but counting tally by tally, "We succeeded in saving more than 10,000 votes for our candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador". ... The partially burned ballots were forwarded to be shown at the meeting in the Zocalo "as a proof of fraud orchestrated from within the IFE.."
But -- but this is just like the infamous urn-stuffing video: It's showing something that's perfectly legal in Mexico! Right? (At least, that's what Calderon will tell his sycophants to tell their press contacts.)
in case you haven't seen this already:
Thanks for the link, Anon. I have posted it above.

PW, at this stage, everything is an allegation. Some will prove valid and some will not. But this is, so to speak, a particularly incendiary allegation.

The electoral court has had almost a month to start looking into the problems with the election and they're facing a deadline of September 2nd. If they don't resolve this sort of allegation transparently and to general satisfaction, this smoldering country will erupt.
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