Monday, July 17, 2006


So, Who Will Be The First Conservative Goon To Call For The Murder Of StarTribune Staffers?

The local and national right-wing noise machines keep stroking themselves into ecstasies of transcendently irrational anger every time a new Minnesota Poll comes out (see here and here for examples), and this one -- which features Democrat Amy Klobuchar with a 19-point lead over Republican Mark Kennedy in the race for the US Senate seat of the retiring Mark Dayton -- will be no exception. (It doesn't matter that Klobuchar's led Kennedy in every single poll since she first entered the race; the cons and the Republicans will see this as yet another DolchstoƟ from the all-powerful evil liberals that run the Strib.) Let's see which one of the conservative nutjobs -- be it radio, TV, print or online -- first calls for the killing of StarTribune staff over this poll. Place your bets: Who, when and where?

Damn, I just hate it when newspapers print stuff that's not flattering to Republicans. There oughta be a law or something.
Well, if it were a national paper, I'd go for Ann Coulter to win, The Idiotarian Rottweiler to place, Michelle Malkin to show.

But since this is a Minnesota paper, I'll have to go with Powerline.
I am so glad you mentioned the fact that the Strib (AKA Pravda West by those of us who lived in the MPLS area) was a Minneapolis Paper. (My opinion is more "Tabloid", than Legitmate paper, and that is coming from someone who lived next door to one who WORKED for the paper!)

There is a sharp difference between the "Strib" and the SPPP. (St. Paul Pioneer Press). When Reagan died, the Mpls Paper did nothing but rejoice, and belt out hatred against the man. The Pioneer Press was a bit more subdued...offered more praise, less bashing.

Now, remember, I used to LIVE in the suburbs of the City. And I would not want to go back to that city. It's too freaky!
Hey, you surfed over from Eric Black 's blog!

No actual native-born Minneapolis residents I know of have language skills as atrocious as yours, "former". But if you were really a suburban kid and went to a suburban private school, that would explain your inability to express yourself properly. (It would also explain your use of the term "Pravda", since the only people around here who call the Strib "Pravda" are dyed-in-the-wool nutjobs who live in the 'burbs because they fear black people and who think that Bill Clinton and not Timothy McVeigh blew up the Murrah Building.)

But then again, you lied about the Strib's and PiPress' coverage of Reagan, so why should I expect you to tell the truth about anything else?
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